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The great outdoors

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Are you ready to become eco-tourist ?

Choose a green accommodation type in the Pyrenees Orientales and you will have the opportunity to escape the reality and dream, but also to meditate on things and enjoy life in the nature.


Eat, sleep, drink, buy... Eco-travel



There is one for everyone!

Whether you're a walker, biker, cyclist, rider, canoeist or sailor, The Pyrenees Orientals region has something wonderful for you to discover and explore. Doesn’t matter your age or ability you will find your perfect outdoor activities.

You can choose from hiking on more than 3500 km marked out and 50 walking trails, biking in total liberty or cycling on the “green routes”. You are guided and supported by the detailed maps and notes or you can do it helped by a guide.

There are endless possibilities for new emotions and new ways of getting away from the daily grind.



With one national park (The Natural Regional Park of the Catalan Pyrenees), the Canigou Grand Site and 11 nature reserves, the Pyrenees have a plethora of protected areas where you can see and find out about the area's exceptional flora and fauna.

Discover a particular nature area, choose among authentic towns and villages, sacred mountains, lakes like les Bouillouses, sunny creeks like L’Anse de Paulilles. From the Mediteraneean Sea to the Pyrenees Mountains you will be amazed by the natural heritage!


Welcome to the Pyrenees Orientales’ official tourism website, plan your nature holidays between Mediterranean sea and Pyrenees mountain, in the South of France, discover a whole range of accommodation from campsites to hotels, visit our natural heritage and cultural places, come and stay in French Catalonia!