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Itinerary Perpignan

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Palais des Rois de Majorque à Perpignan

A former capital of the Kingdom of Majorca, today Perpignan is the capital of the Catalan region.

Its rich and tumultuous history has left a heritage that is its living memory. The town developed throughout the Middle Ages . The lavish but short-lived Kingdom of Majorca transformed Perpignan into an important trading town. The "Castillet ", all that remains of the former city walls, used to be a prison but now houses the Casa Pairal, Museum of Art and Popular Traditions. A few steps from there discover the town centre. The "Loge de Mer" is of Gothic architecture and was built in XIV century as a Maritime Court. Next door, the XIV Town Hall is still in use. At that time the Consuls were elected to run the town and they are represented by the three bronze arms on the façade. In the patio, the sculpture "La Méditerranée" by Maillol is full of charm... Crossing the street you will arrive at the Cathedral dedicated to St-Jean (St John). Built by the King of Majorca to supplant the church of Saint-Jean-le-Vieux, its southern Gothic architecture is simple and tapered. Its choir and its side chapels are dressed with reredos, statues and paintings. Next door, the chapel of the "Devout Christ" and the "Campo Santo" a cloister-cemetery gives a final view of the ensemble… Dominating the town from its position facing the Canigou Mountain, the Palace of the Majorcan Kings has a high, majestic façade. The palace with its brilliant court in attendance, was also a fortress. It was built around a vast courtyard with white marble arcades. History transformed it, but nowadays it remains the living symbol of that kingdom. Other historical places in the town have temporary exhibitions such as the chapel Notre-Dame-des-Anges , and the "Maison de la Catalanité" where people can meet and exchange ideas.
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