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Art of living

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Region of wines, flavours and inspiration

Pyrenées-Orientales, region of wines, flavours and inspiration

Character wines: Côtes du Roussillon reds, whites and rosés
Festive wines: Muscats de Rivesaltes, Banyuls or Maury
Iron for blacksmiths,
Garnet for jewellers; Mother Nature has been generous to Catalan soil.

Whether you are blowing glass… kneading the dough for sweet Catalan ‘bunyetes’… weaving the bright, multicoloured fabrics for making into party tablecloths or the footwear for dancing the ‘sardane’… or if you are cooking the local dish ‘boles de picolat’ or rabbit with snails…the Catalan character shines through at every turn.

Simply because here you can find a blend of gastronomy, viticulture and craftsmanship which combine authentically to make our area an exceptional region.
Vignes des Pyrénées Orientales

Zoom in: The 3 Wine Routes


Discover the three wine routes

Make time to take the little roads alongside vineyards…to stop in the villages…to visit the wine-properties…