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Catalan Gastronomy

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Catalan Gastronomy

Catalan cuisine is characterised by the existence of a wide variety of produce which makes it a cooking-style standing apart from the rest. Its identity rests on the use of contrasting flavours: sweet/savoury…sweet/sour…and on specific culinary techniques such as ‘sofregit’ and ‘picada’. The Catalan is a ‘llaminer’ , a confectioner, a connoisseur in the preparation of sweetened fine foods. He enjoys eating his  ‘llaminadures’ (confectionaries) as much as making them!

Ollada, bullinada, cargolada, boles de picolat, salpiquet de mongetes, botifarres, fuet, escalivats, crema catalana …just a few examples of the delights you can taste in our department!
Spécialités catalanes

Catalan Sweets... some simple pleasures!

Pa d’ous, braç de gitano, mel i mato, bunyetes, pastissets, crema catalana, rosquilles…these are the poetic-sounding names of traditional desserts and other sweets in Catalan cuisine. You will probably get to try them before you learn to pronounce their names properly…but after a few tastings you will soon have the right accent!

Where to eat?

Toques Blanches du Roussillon

Around 40 chefs in the PO have got together to tell you about local produce and Catalan cuisine.

Tel. +33 (0)4 68 35 90 99