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Roussillon Wines

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Vignobles Agly

The treasures of the Catalan vineyard

There is a twofold existence in the Pyrénées-Orientales department – sea and mountains. This small area offers an extremely varied landscape with a sunny climate and warmth, favourable for cultivation of the vine.
The Roussillon Plain, in the eastern part of the department, is truly an amphitheatre…open to the Mediterranean; it has 3 mountainous areas as its backdrop: to the North there are the Corbières; to the West you have the Pyrenees and Mount Canigou; then there are the Albères mountains to the South. As an extra feature there are also 3 rivers: the Agly, the Tet and the Tech.
Carte route des vins

Wine Routes

Pays de l'Agly
Aspres - Albères - Côte Vermeille
Plaine du Roussillon

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