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The “Qualité Tourisme” label

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The “Qualité Tourisme” label for your stay in the Pyrénées-Orientales, south of France

To help you choose your accommodation (hotel or camping) during your stay in the Pyrénées-Orientales, the Ministry of Tourism launched the “Qualité Tourisme” label in 2003.


The establishments with this label have been controlled by registered inspectors. To be a member of the “Qualité Tourisme” label, the criteria set by the institutions and the French professionals concern the following points:


• Quality of reception, services and products (each establishment guaranties a quality implication)


• Information, communication and monitoring of client complaints


• Professionalism, viability


• Hygiene and safety rules


To obtain the label each establishment has had regular controls over 200 different points and has a plaque at the entrance.

You can contact the establishments concerned on the site: www.qualite-tourisme.gouv.fr (heading « les établissement Qualité Tourisme »)