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Land of rugby

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Land of 2 rugby... (s), the Catalans have oval hearts

Proud and generous, it is well-known that the Catalans have a heart "as big as that!". A heart, it must be said, that’s not quite like any other. There is actually something just a little bit special which can be found in most of the inhabitants of the South of France on the Pyrenean side of the Mediterranean. This heart is oval and its beat has a tendency to speed up when…. the rugby season starts!
Les fans des Dragons Catalans

The passion of a population!

Over and above the sporting aspect, the successes or failures, rugby is today a veritable social phenomenon in this Catalan land... Whether it is to cheer on their clubs, which are USAP (XV) and the Catalan Dragons  (XIII) or other clubs not quite so famous, a veritable sea of “blood and gold” flags ripples around the stands at each match.

Whole families go, certainly to support their club but above all to promote an unfailing Catalan culture, an unwavering pride and ... a ‘joie de vivre’ which is never extinguished under the great southern sun.

When the thousands of men, women and children start singing with one voice the “Estaca” the song of resistance to Francoism, a call for courage and endurance written by Lluis Llach; when the terraces ring out "Els Segadors", the national anthem of Catalonia, these are two cries from the heart, from one and the same heart that beat in unison for Catalan rugby.

USAP : Champions of France 2009 !