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Holidays with a group or on your own

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Les solos au ski

Holidays with a group or on your own

The summit of pleasure!

Who said that mountains are all about skiing? Today’s snow holidays involve a whole gamut of activities that will make you melt with pleasure. Whether you are with a group or on your own.

Well-being in its purest state!

Bains d'eaux chaudes en Pyrénées-Orientales


A snowfield, blankets of vapour that flutter away in waves, azure blue pools and the life-giving, enveloping warmth that immediately makes you want to relax. In the heart of the mountains, the waters hollow out the rock and burst forth, bringing power and warmth. Waters that were already known to the Romans and that continue to deliver their health
benefits today. To make the most of the waters, head for Llo, St Thomas and Dorres, three unmissable sites. The first two have well-developed balneotherapy facilities, while the third has maintained two ancient baths carved from the granite. A beautiful touch of history to discover while enjoying the waters at temperatures of 37° to 40°C – relaxing, healing, pain-relieving….




The taste of the terroir

Cuisine is a question of tradition in this land of strong accents. A cuisine with the rough flavours of biting winters, given all its aroma by hardy men and women of strong character. On the high plateaux of Cerdagne and Capcir, when the sun lights up the sky but the cold still penetrates, people enjoy ollada, a rustic soup made with cabbage and sagi (rancid bacon), and boles de Picolat, meatballs flavoured with garlic and cinnamon. Hams take on their fullest flavours in the drying rooms of several illustrious houses, while fuet and botifarra sausages are allied with aperitifs. Everything is naturally washed down with good Roussillon wines in all three colours, which are also the perfect accompaniment to farm cheeses made with cow, ewe and goat milk from the surrounding farms. Still very rural, this corner of the eastern Pyrenees has protected its farmers, who are happy to open their doors for the pleasure of sharing their love for their work, and who can be seen at the regular markets.


Terroir - Pyrénées-Orientales

Ice diving, adventure guaranteed

Ice diving - Pyrénées-Orientales

Feel like breaking through the ice? Set off for the mountain lakes of the eastern Pyrenees. Matemale, Balcère… Hemmed in by snow and ice, the lakes hide a secret life beneath their immaculate whiteness. A life of undulations and transparency. A life that you can discover by

diving beneath the ice. Closely supervised, this extraordinary activity is an original way of passing through the looking glass. For twenty to forty minutes, depending on the club, a world of silence is revealed in all its intimacy. Solidly linked to the surface by a guide rope, beginners and experienced divers plunge into an uncanny world where the sun’s rays penetrate the dark and where air bubbles caress the ice and pry into every fissure. A unique and exclusive experience. The shivers!