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Green Travel

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Green travel

Sustainable development, ecotourism, green travel …, do they all mean in the context of travel?

Over the years, the definition of ecotourism has changed and evolved as travellers have become more aware of the impact of their travels on both the environment and communities, yet it remains difficult to define because of the various facets involved.

To understand better these concepts we’ve compiled some definitions from reputable sources:

The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) defines ecotourism as, “Responsible travel to natural areas which conserves the environment and improves the welfare of local people.”

Eco-conscious travel Conscious means being aware of something. Eco means concerning the environment, so “eco-conscious travel” essentially means being aware of the environment, and your impact on the environment, when you travel.

Eco-friendly travel Eco relates to the environment and we all know what friendly means, so “eco-friendly travel” means being nice to and having little impact on the environment when you travel.

We like this definition from Lonely Planet:
Responsible tourism can be more-or-less defined as travel that takes into consideration the ‘triple bottom line’ issues of:
Environment: travel that minimises negative environmental impacts and, where possible, makes positive contributions to the conservation of biodiversity, wilderness, natural and human heritage.

Social/Cultural: travel that respects culture and traditions and fosters authentic interaction and greater understanding between travellers and hosts.

Economic: travel that has financial benefits for the host community and operates on the principles of fair trade.

Green Travel:
- Thinking about your impact on the environment (both the physical and social environment) when you travel
- Doing your part to minimize your impact on the environment – so that tourism in your destination can be maintained in the long run
- Understanding eco-friendly choices you can make
- Making eco-friendly choices when they are options
- Doing your research to be a responsible traveller

eco travel

5 reasons to travel GREEN In the Pyrenees Orientals:

• the variety of landscapes
• The cultural heritage
• The natural heritage
• The Catalan gastronomy with unique flavors
• The choice of a green travel


The Pyrenees Orientals region possesses the charm of those Mediterranean areas where the relaxed rhythm of life derives as much from the beauty of the town as from its exceptional climate. Accommodation here means charm, comfort, excellent value and warm hospitality. Our accommodation ranges from peaceful country farms and gites to elegant houses in historic towns and green resorts. Enjoy the simple pleasures of a campsite or the ultimate in comfort, luxury and gourmet dining at a five stars
Gastronomie Catalane


One of the greatest French Catalan treasures is undoubtedly the rich cuisine. Beside the cuisine du terroir in the Pyrenees Orientals region you can try the organic cuisine too.

A Must Do in the region are the Bistrots de Pays (country bars). The spirit of Bistrots de Pays lies in the ambition to find real conviviality through the cusine du terroir, the warm welcome of the clients and the promotion of cultural activities in their region.
The Bistrots de Pays have a double importance; for the tourists who visit the charming villages and are happy to find a good table with local produce and recipes, and for the others who can also have a snack or a sandwich at any time; ideal when you start a long hike, or visit a site which means you won’t be back at lunch time.

You must try it!
Train jaune


Leave your car in the car park! You don’t need it anymore!

In the P.O. you have a lot of means of transport options. The region is extremely well connected via rail. You have the regional trains and the local trains like The yellow train and the Train du pays Cathare et du Fenouillèdes.
Beside trains you have a very good bus network that can be very useful for short or long trips between the beautiful destinations you choose to visit in the Pyrenees Orientals. You have the Bus a 1 euro that you can pick up from anywhere around the region.
So step on your walking shoes and be ready to explore!